We provide a wide range of services for ISO Tank Containers. Our services including:

  • Tank services (check and maintenance Tank Containers including systematic pressing test, and 2.5/5 years test).
  • Repair & Maintenance of Rubber Lined and Coated Tanks.
  • Pre-loading inspection.
  • In service, Valve, Dents, Cladding and frame repairs.
  • Shell polishing, welding, grinding, and pitting.
  • Pickle and passivation.
  • Off/on hire repairs.
  • Systematic Test area and covered Workshop up to 10 Tank Units.
  • Handling empty Containers 20’/40’/45’.
  • Estimates IICL-ACC In-service criterion.
  • Repairs IICL-ACC norms.
  • Stock control.
  • Dew point Nitrogen purge check and Depot certificate.

We also can install Tank Bags and Flexi Tanks on shipping Container.

Through our advanced IT platform we offer an accurate reporting in accordance with your needs, besides customized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) functionality.